Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Says here...

ABOVE: Mantis Shrimp feeling existential angst lift under the influence of dissolved sertraline.

...It says here that a scientist type guy at the University of Portsmouth's Institute of Marine Sciences (chuckle) has discovered that the UNCOUNTABLE GALLONS OF ANTIDEPRESSANT-SMELLING PEE dumped into the oceans is affecting the behavior of Shrimp. It finally dawned on a Naked Ape that Shrimp have serotonin levels, too. I'm sure this makes them all feel very proud of themselves.

They've only uncovered the first and most obvious effect of feeding Prozac to Shrimp: it makes them, QUITE LITERALLY, "go into the light" where they can more easily be KILLED and EATEN. They have not even begun to explore the other effects -- on the Shrimp themselves, on the creatures that eat them, on the creatures that eat those creatures.


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