Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yes, ANOTHER novel about Fred the Grumpy Mermaid by Mary Janice Davidson!

I have to say I LIKED THIS ONE BETTER than the first one. It seemed like a faster read, no doubt because there was a LOT LESS HUMAN-ON-HUMAN SEXUAL CONTENT. That is a guaranteed method of slowing a book down, a lesson most land authors NEVER LEARN. But I digress...
THE BEST THING about this book is that you get to spend MUCH, MUCH MORE TIME UNDERWATER WITH THE SEA FOLK. More humans get recruited, and Fred herself improves her lousy attitude and finally FULFILLS HER DESTINY in the correct fashion for a Mermaid. I know, I just spoiled the ending for you. SUE ME.
Also, the author gets A LOT OF THINGS RIGHT:
>> All the Undersea Folk are staggeringly gorgeous, in fact irresistable.
>> The main message, as far as I'm concerned, is that LOVE FINDS A WAY, AND SO DO THE FISH.
>> They communicate telepathically in this book. NOT QUITE AS WELL AS THE REAL THING, but they do it!
>> Very few Shaved Monkey cultural memes seep into the Undersea Folk society in this novel. I would say the level you'd see in here is WITHIN TOLERANCES.
>> There is not a single security leak in this story that doesn't BENEFIT OUR CAUSE. Is there any downside to that!?

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