Saturday, August 02, 2008

A Recap: Luckily For Us, Humans Never Learn

Now, I know we've long since covered this in chapter meetings. But some of you don't have access to those meetings, and even if you were all attending every time, this sort of information ALWAYS BEARS REPEATING.


PROGRESS ALWAYS TRAVELS DOWNSTREAM, LADIES. We HARDLY HAVE TO DO A THING NOW because the Naked Apes are DOING THE JOB FOR US. Think back to the old days when our technology was much different and land operatives FEW AND FAR BETWEEN. This article, which came out some time ago now, was intended as a scare piece to MAKE US LOOK LIKE A THREAT TO THE STATUS QUO.
GET REAL. Fish ARE, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, and ALWAYS WILL BE THE STATUS QUO. Human are a niggling little anchorworm under a single scale on the smallest of our children, easily PLUCKED and EATEN. If you're fool enough to loose MORE OF OUR OPERATIVES in what you imagine is your own territory, DON'T COME CRYING TO US.

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