Friday, April 13, 2007

Operative Honored In Online News Organ

I've really hesitated all this time to link the Notes to this newspaper...Frankly, I'm afraid you'll read IT and not ME.

I shouldn't worry about these things. After all, if you don't carefully absorb each detail of every memo, newsletter and telepathic communication I send out, you will be KILLED and EATEN.

Oh, the article linked above? I just wanted to respond to a number of worried-sounding cards and letters from the membership, asking whether this operative's mission has been accomplished properly if the humans are still this puzzled. The short answer is YES, EVERYTHING WENT PERFECTLY. I am particularly sorry to see this operative giver her life for the Cause, just because every scrap of work she's done for us over the years has been so brillaint. But I guess your number has to come up someday.


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