Wednesday, March 22, 2006

MUST LOVE JAWS -- the short film

Paste this address in your browser to see an absolutely startling re-interpretation of Jaws, the Holy of Holies, the film that has both recruited AND KILLED more landfish operatives than any other piece of human propaganda.

I think the makers of this short film -- Mike Dow and Ari Eisner -- were kidding, if you can believe that. But they inadvertently cut through to the heart of EVERYTHING WE ARE TRYING TO DO HERE. Man meets Shark. Man loves Shark. Shark eats man. Both find true happiness. IS THERE ANY MORE TO IT THAN THAT?

Yes, yes, yes, I am one day going to be getting to my own interpretation of this staggering film. It's just such a big subject, you know, like a Pentecostal Baptist writing a thumbnail review of the Bible.

By the way, this film took about a year to load onto my computer, but the Manoogian Mansion can't seem to afford a cable linkup to the Internet, so I am still using dial-up, unlike many of you. Have at it, either way. It's well worth the wait.


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