Saturday, November 15, 2014

Another Delightful Quote...

...Again, this is from Guy Endore's seminal work,
 The Werewolf of Paris
"On the ocean once a few sailors were privileged to witness a similar event.  A spar was protruding from the water.  Before the eyes of the astonished mariners on a passing bark, the spar rose higher, revealed itself to be the top of a mast.  A cross-spar, hanging awry, now made its appearance with shreds of rigging clinging to it.  Another followed with a bit of sail hanging in wet tatters.  A lesser mast had risen and now the deck itself came up, first the high bow of an old-fashioned design ornamented with an angel, with the water cataracting from it as it cleft from the surface of the sea.  And the whole ship rose and floated for a while on the waves, water pouring from every crevice.  The ship itself was readily identified as an old Spanish galleon, such as had not been seen on the seven seas for near a century.  And slowly the ship that had risen, plunging and rearing from the waters like the webfooted steeds of Old Neptune, settled into the waves again, and a moment later it was gone.  And was as if it had never been...
"That that enormous bowl of water that covers nearly all our globe may conceal animals undreamed of, who would have the temerity to deny at least the possibility?"
(pgs. 89-91.)


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