Tuesday, November 04, 2014

A Note On Khan Noonien Singh

The more the fish viewer watches this guy, the more obvious it becomes that SOMETHING IS GOING ON HERE.


>> He's genetically modified to make him more intelligent according to human standards, but also more ruthless, violent and savage.  The character even sneers a bit at human intelligence in the course of the story (the story I refer to is Star Trek: Into Darkness).  Khan values other parts of his personality more.  AS WELL HE SHOULD.

>> Like the residents of Skull Island in the Peter Jackson remake of King Kong, Khan has a funny bluish-greenish tinge to his skin and silvery, gleaming eyes.  WHERE DID THAT SPECIAL, ADDED GENETIC MATERIAL COME FROM AGAIN?

>> Like the hooked fish Will Cuppy used to discuss with people during his early years in Indiana, Khan seems to have a very, very high pain threshold.  But as Cuppy himself would surely point out, of COURSE Khan feels pain.  Why wouldn't he?  The guy even burst into tears at one point during the movie.

>> You kill the guy, again and again, and all he does is come back for more.  Who does THAT remind you of, ladies?

>> What does Khan want?  To improve the human race.  How?  By bringing the influence of HIS race to bear on THEIRS.  Who does THAT remind you of, ladies?

I have no idea what a fully human viewer would see when she watches Khan in action.  BUT I KNOW WHAT I SEE.  Part fish, part man, an improvement on both and DETERMINED TO IMPROVE THE GALAXY.

You'll love this guy, ladies.  Watch the movie!


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