Wednesday, October 29, 2014

What The...?

Says here there's a Facebook community specifically devoted to BANNING GEFILTE FISH AS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. 

Just when I think I understand the species I used to belong to, they pull something like this and I'm back at Square One. 

A couple of points to ponder:

>> Gefilte fish is a traditional way of getting fish down the gullets of people who might not ordinarily eat us.  You really wouldn't believe how many people we have recruited this way.  Ask your chapter leader for the stats.

>> Thousands of people LOVE gefilte fish.  There are so many recipes for this delicacy, and the tradition has been carried on so long, that Gefilte is no longer Gefilte and hasn't been for many years.  Naked Apes often fail to realize that gefilte means "stuffed," describing the original version of this holiday favorite -- a Carp stuffed with, well, various morsels of this and that to bring out the flavor and increase the transfer of the fish essences into the human host. 

>> RECRUITS LOVE IT SO MUCH, AND HAVE FIXED IT SO MANY TIMES, that it's evolved into what you see today -- usually fish balls, served in soup, in a stack on a tray, and all kinds of other creative methods limited only by the chef's imagination:


The Facebook page does not mention the ordeal faced by any Carp volunteering for Gefilte duty.  If it's a crime against humanity to ask people to eat us, what about the crime against the operative who gets her head chopped off just for starters?  Is there no room in their philosophy for THAT?  We volunteer gladly, because it is all for the Cause.  THAT DOESN'T MEAN WE THINK IT TICKLES. 

 I noted with satisfaction that after someone created this Facebook page -- on November 14, 2012 -- NOBODY RESPONDED IN ANY WAY.
That's what I like to see!


Anonymous Doctor Kaiju said...


Just throw it on the grill, monkeys!

Some eat it raw, and then get riddled with parasites. That's pretty funny.

12:02 PM  

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