Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NPR Takes On The Subject Of Sticklebacks

Here's the link to the NPR article.

Disturbing, isn't it?  Even the noble Stickleback, as landscum call them, only appear in this article as a route to understanding something as uninteresting as a Naked Ape's skin color.   But let me call your attention to a few startling admissions by the author: 

"HUMANS CAME FROM FISH."  (Is this reality finally starting to sink in with them!?) 

Let me add:  AND TO FISH YOU WILL RETURN.  No two ways about it.

"We all share a genetic toolkit that gets used over and over, just in slightly different ways. Not just for skin color, but for all sorts of crucial traits," -- I quote from the fishologist cited in this article.   

One more:

"We're studying the sticklebacks, the sticklebacks aren't studying us.  At least we don't think they are."

DREAM ON, FOOLS!  We have been watching you since before you swung down from the trees!


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