Friday, August 22, 2014

Our Alienation Zone Operatives...

...Are making the Chernobyl Nuclear Sanctuary sound like the spot for a perfect dream vacation!  The Silurian operative pictured above, living in peace in a waterway near the site of the reactor explosion, is EATING LIKE A KING -- if kings eat the crusts of other people's sandwiches -- fed by shaved-monkey tourists and disaster workers who DARE NOT LOWER A HOOK into the water.  'Cause it's radioactive. 
Even in the Ukraine and Belorussia, where they were NOT raised on nuclear-horror B pictures like most Americans, the very idea of radioactivity lays the cold barbel of fear on their four-chambered monkey hearts!  Ha!  That barbel is not so chilly that they don't head out there to see the sights, with lunches and cameras -- and those sights include all manner of operatives like this one, who asked not to be named.  She doesn't want to risk her anonymity despite the plutonium in the silt below her.  Some blame fool Naked Ape might take it upon himself to NET and DISSECT her. 
Now, if only FISH took vacations I would pack a bag IMMEDIATELY.


Anonymous Doctor Kaiju said...

He's adorable!

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Doctor Kaiju said...

He's adorable!

1:10 PM  

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