Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Ale" Gives Our Regards to Dagon

It's always a bittersweet moment when one of our recruiting operatives finally joins the ancestors in Dagon's Roiling Intestine.  The Eel operative known to his human recruits as "Ale," who has worked out of a well in the human-and-fish-controlled territory known to Naked Apes as "Sweden" for a REALLY LONG TIME, has TWITCHED HIS LAST.  "Ale" (who has long since requested that his true identity not be posted on the Internet) was deployed in the well in 1896 by a human recruit and has been gathering converts ever since.  That is an incredibly long term of service that is not going to be forgotten any time soon.  He was never interested in fame, as some recruiters are.  While it's a very respectable way of finding converts -- ask Kuno the Catfish or Tillikum the Orca -- that was never Ale's style.  He depended, always, on his personal charm and the sort of magnetism only an Eel possesses.  Ask any of his HUNDREDS of loyal recruits.  He has been guiding them into the water for over a century, and trying to count them all is a FOOL'S ERRAND. 
He goes now to dwell in wonder and glory forever with Dagon.


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