Sunday, December 17, 2006

Adopt A Fish This Squidmas

CLICK HERE to SUPPORT THE CAUSE by bringing more Fish together with more Humans, in a strangely commercialized way designed by the landscum. This Web page even offers a Fish Of The Month Club. You HAVE to like that.

Hal, the Alligator Gar was going to make Colorado his new base of operations after the Belle Isle Aquarium in Detroit closed down for good. As you'll recall, he died in transit. My investigation is ongoing. At his writing, the jury is out, split fifty/fifty between "Hal was killed by manhandling" and "Hal died of homesickness." I, of all catfish people, know how hard it is to leave Detroit behind. I'd like to thank Kwame Kilpatrick for throwing him out on the street, ending his glorious life and stellar career. I knew they shouldn't have voted him in. Never vote for anyone who has his ears on upside down, that's what I always say.

I'm adopting two operatives in memory of Hal.


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