Saturday, June 18, 2011

Last Night I Dreamed I Was Human Again...


I was looking at a small fishtank I had emptied along time ago, of what I thought was its only occupant, a deceased Siamese Fighting Fish. I had never cleaned the tank out, however, and now I saw with surprise that there was SOMEONE STILL IN THERE. It was a tiny, brilliant-green Eel, looking at me very knowingly.

WELL, I GOT HIM OUT OF THERE ALL RIGHT, but then the scene shifted and my one, tiny, green Eel -- who really looked more like a tree snake, if you ask me -- was suddenly a GREAT BIG BAG OF BROWN EELS. Being human, I had NO IDEA WHAT TO DO and spent the rest of the dream trying to deposit them somewhere safely. They were really dang large, and they never stopped trying to get loose and seek their fortunes elsewhere.

If I had been myself in the dream, I would have known to LET THEM GO. Eels certainly know what they are doing and how to get where they need to go WITHOUT HUMAN ASSISTANCE.

Humans go on and on about how smart they are, but whenever I dream that I still am one, I go all STUPID.

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