Sunday, January 27, 2008


Well, I HARDLY KNOW WHAT TO SAY about the new book by Neil Shubin, Your Inner Fish. I read it through in a day, totally amazed, unable to let my page-turning staff, posted outside my tank at all times to allow me to read dry-land correspondence, take a break unless she could find someone to 'spell' her. SHE DIDN'T MIND; she was utterly entranced herself by what she saw.
WHAT MAKES THIS BOOK SO AMAZING? Well, the insights aren't all that shattering -- Shubin simply takes you, INCH BY GREASY, HAIRY INCH, through the human body and points out the PISCATORIAL LEGACY, the fishy ancestry in EVERYTHING ATTACHED TO THAT UNFORTUNATE TWO-LEGGED FRAME. He makes it clear, to even the dullest-witted human reader, that FROM THE SEA YOU CAME. It is not that great a stretch to add: AND TO THE SEA YOU MUST RETURN.
And they will. If I have anything to say about it, THEY ALL WILL.
The coolest thing about this book is that, although it REVEALS MANY OF OUR SECRETS, the book does it in a way that CAN'T BE CONNECTED TO US. In short, it's both a DREADFUL EXPOSURE OF OUR SECRETS and THE GREATEST RECRUITING TOOL OF THE YEAR! What astounds me, personally, is that it was written entirely by a human. The Alligator Gar in the author's home tank TOLD ME SO.
I laughed, I cried, I begged for more!

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