Saturday, December 03, 2016

No, It's Not A Security Leak!

ALL THE TALK IN THE CHAPTER MEETINGS is about these beachside operatives RUNNING AMOK in the wet sands of Huntington Beach, California.  They've also been much in the human news, of course, which is where I got this photo of said operatives. 

NEVER FEAR!  EVERYTHING IS GOING ACCORDING TO PLAN.  As some of these ladies have given their lives in their task -- usually due to human exercise regimes that result in their being trampled underfoot -- they have simultaneously DRAWN ATTENTION AWAY from a critical operation being carried out elsewhere.  In that sense, they are PART of that critical operation; it could not be carried out safely without their assistance.  I've greatly enjoyed reading about how the Homo saps cannot seem to figure out whether these ladies are what they call Salps, or alien embryos, or some sort of burrowing Sea Cucumber, or (so help me) Baby Tremor Monsters.

The take-home message of this event is that sometimes an operative, simply by appearing in front of human eyes in her true form, can STILL be a concealment operative, without having to transform into a human.


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