Saturday, February 24, 2018

Wikie's "Security Leak"

Above you see a photo of Wikie the Killer Whale having a chat -- in English -- with a Shaved Monkey recruit in Antibes, France.  Which sort of makes me wonder why they aren't speaking to each other in French, you know what I mean?  But that's not really the point here.

NEEDLESS TO SAY, the video footage that yielded up this still photo sent a chill through fish operatives THROUGHOUT OUR LEGIONS.  It's been the only topic of conversation at the chapter meetings:  is this a big leak or a little one?  Is the human in the photo trying to signal his superiors that SOMETHING IS UP?  ARE THEY ON TO US?  And what, pray tell, is Wikie up to, HAVING A CONVERSATION WITH A RECRUIT IN A HUMAN LANGUAGE ON FILM?

NEVER FEAR, LADIES!  This is all PART OF THE PLAN.  Let me much as I can on the Internet without creating a REAL security leak:


>> The original intent of this exchange, whether anyone filmed it or not, should be obvious.  Humans have NO COMPASSION for any species they suspect is DUMBER THAN THEY ARE, and when I say DUMBER I mean that in both senses of the word.  Now that they know for sure a Killer Whale is capable of imitating human speech, the trickle of monkey dollars towards Orca research is going to turn into a FLOOD.  If it speaks, it deserves attention from researchers, at least in the minds of the Shaved Monkeys.

>> This is also likely to divert more of those flowing dollars into Killer Whale preservation.  What helps a few of us obviously HELPS US ALL.  It makes me grind my pharyngeal TEETH to think that we need help from these destructive pests, but it's still true for the moment.  WE CAN'T AFFORD TO TURN THOSE DOLLARS AWAY.

>> Listen carefully to the conversation.  There are HOURS AND HOURS MORE of it, JUST LIKE THIS.  Please note that WIKIE GIVES NOTHING AWAY.  If in the eyes of a Naked Ape she sounds extraordinarily intelligent and responsive to humans, to OUR sensitive ears she sounds even DUMBER THAN A HOMO SAP.!  This, ladies, is NO ACCIDENT.

This is, in short, one of the greatest moments of MISDIRECTION in the unrecorded history of the Fish Revolution.

Show some respect!


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