Friday, December 08, 2017

This Is So Wrong That Words Fail Me...

Apparently these calendars are being released EVERY YEAR. 
And we knew NOTHING about it.
I simply do not know what to say about this.
The person who reported this OBSCENITY to one of our operatives rushed to explain, "It's for a good cause!"
WHAT good cause, for Scrod sakes?  Some crazy thing I never heard of called Spirit Horse NL.  I was worried it would have something to do with SCARING FISH -- dear sweet Scrod, look at that photo -- but it's about TORMENTING HORSES to improve Shaved Monkey MENTAL HEALTH.  The ironic twist being that NONE of the monkeys in any of these calendars ever shaves.  All the models are members of the Newfoundland Beard and Moustache Club. 
(This species really DOES have social organizations for everything.  Now do you believe me, ladies?  Oh, you landfish have been seeing it all along, but I can never really convince the fully aquatic operatives of our glorious Cause.  Do you SEE now?)
Excuse me.  I need to go put an ice pack on my head.


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